Namma Bengaluru

Every city has its own rhythm and tempo. While some have life, rolling and rocking, all chirpy with their own culture and stories galore – some of them have a super romantic weather. But a very few of them are blessed with a combination of the above two. Bengaluru is one such city.

I’m sure each one of us would have discovered a unique, a best part about our city, upon which we can feel proud – by now. But, it’s not always the usual hill stations or the far off sea coasts, that one vouches for when it comes to vacationing. Sometimes we just want to sit back and relax all cozy and comfy, with our kind of people – our friends, to dwell into the college nostalgia. One such city with a very familiar aura is Bengaluru.


Every time a plane lands over the city’s Kempegowda Airport, a swarm of excited feelings occupies one’s gut; with flashes of bygone days of parties and celebrations flickering like an old film reel. No matter what time of the year it is, the city never fails to mesmerize with its urban-ish charm.

We often ask ourselves, what’s in a name. Well for Bengaluru, we dare not. The name itself expands so beautifully, which is more than enough for anybody else to describe it the way it does. Here it goes..

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Ideal Writing Space Of Mine :)

My ideal writing space is the one in which I generally travel. And the road passes past me, with all the surrounding moving in a rail-ish fashion. It feels as if a part of my mind and a part of my thought process is slowly getting siphoned along with the pace of the moving surrounding-along with the moving me. It seems the entire thought that … Continue reading Ideal Writing Space Of Mine 🙂


And you were ready to depart… Till now I had almost already consoled myself, ’bout the things that drove us apart… But the time when you were ’bout to leave,,, this thrilling irreversible thing,,,churned me inside and out… How could’ve you expected me,to bear this change??? As ’twas you,,,always you who used to be at the door,,, to say me Good-Bye… And now since I … Continue reading Death